Created in 2012, Prevaal Finance is a financial management company, under French law and from the Groupe B2V.
The B2V Group is focused on social protection. It is also leader in the insurance sector and strongly established in the interprofessional sector. Moreover, B2V Group is in charge of 30 000 companies and 980 000 active members and pensioners for about 2 billion euros of annual receipts and brings 580 partners together.


Management team


  • PhD in Mathematics, actuary, financial analysist (SFAF)
  • 32 years of experience
  • Member of B2V Group since 2007, Henri JACKS was its finance director and then became C.E.O. In particular he worked at the Crédit du Nord group as currency and bond management director and at Natexis Asset Management as convertible and interest rate markets director.
Frédéric ALEXAN
Deputy Managing Director

  • ENSTAT engineer, Paris I-Paris VII Statistics Master degree
  • 10 years experience
  • B2V Group member since 2009
  • Hedge fund analysist at Lyxor, arbitration manager a Natixis Asset Management and finally quantitative strategist for a hedge fund management company in London
  • Professional training instructor


Prevaal Finance offers professional clients a range of 3 funds, including the Prevaal Convertibles Europe fund.

Prevaal Convertibles Europe – Part B2V
ISIN Code: FR0011299395
Launch: 12/09/2012
Last Monthly report

Prevaal Convertibles Europe – Part I
ISIN Code: FR0012099364
Launch: 19/09/2014
Last Monthly report