CHAHINE CAPITAL is an asset management company based in Luxembourg, subsidiary of the group Iris Finance International.


Jacques Chahine, the founder and investment advisor of the SICAV Digital Funds, set up in Luxembourg in 1998, gave his name to CHAHINE CAPITAL. He also created the JCF Group, well known by investors for its market consensus.

CHAHINE CAPITAL has a most specific area of expertise: modeled quantitative techniques applied to “long only” stock strategies as well as ‘long-short” hedge stock strategies. The goal is to outperform the benchmark of any products in its range.

Each development of the applied models is subject to a rigorous back-testing of 10 years minimum (in this way, investors note that reality is often better than the back-testing)

Few quantitative managements could demonstrate such a rigorous process in the investment strategies execution.

CHAHINE CAPITAL is composed of a high-level team of mathematicians and programmers who completely understand the financial world, have expert knowledge of the best relevant tools and spend the largest part of their time doing research and development.

Management team



Creative & educationalist
A Ecole Centrale de Nantes engineer and a graduate of a Master’s degree in Finance from IAE, he started his career at J. CHAHINE Finance Group as senior consultant and in charge of the Digital Funds SICAV. In 2004, he followed Jacques CHAHINE at J. CHAHINE CAPITAL. He significantly improved J. CHAHINE primary models.



Clever & enthusiastic
ESTP engineer, IAE Paris (Panthéon Sorbonne) with a Financial option. He joined JCF in April 2000 as a Senior Consultant. He worked for FactSet until 2007. Then he joined the quantitative team of Société Générale AM / Amundi, then Arkeon Finance, before coming back in Chahine Capital in 2016.


The funds

Digital Stars Europe

Code ISIN: LU0090784017
Launch: 13/11/1998
Last mensual report

Digital Stars Europe Ex-UK

ISIN Code: LU0259626645
Launch: 30/06/2006
Last mensual report

Digital Stars Europe Smaller Companies

ISIN Code: LU1506569588
Launch: 16/12/2016
Last mensual report

Digital Stars US Equities

ISIN Code: LU1651323435
Launch : 16/10/2017
Last mensual report

Funds Performances

Digital funds are regularly ranked first head of their range on different periods. They received the first prize for off-shore European mutual funds from “Standard and Poor’s” in 2006.

In 2008, Digital Stars Europe received the Lipper Trophy for the best European over-5-year stock fund in France, as well over-3 and over-5-year in the United Kingdom and Luxembourg.

In 2010, Digital Stars Europe was yet again rewarded as the best European over-10-year stock fund in Luxembourg, France, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Sweden.

In 2011, for the second consecutive time, Digital Stars Europe was rewarded once more as the best European over-10-year stock fund in Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland.